Dressember Donation

Hello, I’m Cony Larsen, founder of Mikoleon LLC and co-founder of F.A.S.T. This year I’m having a big milestone birthday (don’t ask but you will guess)! Since I don’t enjoy surprises, unless you know what I really really want, in lieu of a big celebration and presents, I would love to donate to one of my favorite non-profit organizations. Help me reach my goal to raise $6,000 by February 14th, 2019 to fight against human trafficking. Dressember raises awareness and funding to eradicate human trafficking and declares: “The dress is our uniform, the flag of our movement. Dressember is an opportunity to reclaim and reappropriate the dress as a symbol of freedom and power; a flag for the inherent dignity of all people.” You can learn more about the efforts of Dressember at www.dressember.org.

I will be promoting this effort on Instagram via our company @mikoleonkids with a couple of raffles and giveaways if you would like to be a part of this effort! Thank you for your contributions and birthday gifts and for helping me promote this effort, there is no greater gift than freedom.

Minimum Donation: $5.00