Cooper Donation

On September 10th, a 6-month old named Cooper found himself rushed to the hospital with a failing body. An array of testing including a CT scan, X-ray, blood work, and MRI led to the determination that he was the victim of a rare autoimmune disorder called Acute Transverse Myelitis. His spinal cord was swelling resulting in compression that caused him to experience paralysis and the inability to breathe effectively. It is likely that the swelling is caused by his own immune system inappropriately attacking his spinal cord after an unknown viral trigger. He is currently receiving treatment, but as this autoimmune disease is rare, his prognosis is unknown at this point according to his team of doctors. FAST is working to assist Cooper during his medical crisis. We ask you to help us raise $10,000 by October 20th to provide the necessary medical assistance. We extend our thanks on behalf of Cooper and his family for your support.

Minimum Donation: $1.00